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Advoc8 for Google
Aspen Ideas Festival

Hatch Exhibits partnered with Advoc8 to create an airy, beautiful pavilion dropped seemingly out of nowhere in the mountains for the Aspen Ideas Festival.


Google relied on us and our great ideas for delivering and installing without destroying the surrounding landscaping, powering it without access to electricity and removing it without leaving a trace. 


Internet publishing & broadcasting and web search portals

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Event Production

  • Graphic Production & Print Service

  • Creative Services

  • Program Management

The Challenge

Create an install comfortable and beautiful mountain oasis for Google to showcase its company, innovations and career opportunities. The structure had to hold up against any potential weather events, and also look like a natural part of the festival environment.


The structure also had to run any of its components off its own power, which had to be noiseless.

The Solution

Mountain roads are impossible to navigate for a typical 18-wheeler—which is why the two 52-ft-long trucks that were packed in and driven from our Maryland workshop were unloaded in Denver and reloaded into 26-ft box-trucks. Once on-site, each piece was lifted off and carried by hand (no lifts) to the install location, to avoid damage to the grounds.

The effect was a permanent-looking structure that simply appeared out of nowhere. This open and airy environment also housed three monitors and a charging station, all which required power not provided by the venue.  Hatch solved that problem with solar-powered generators, which created electricity without sound.

The Work
The Results
  • Google says the outcome was “so much better than [they] imagined it could have been.”

  • Advoc8 was thrilled, because we delivered on a promise to go above-and-beyond for an important account

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