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Custom Trade Show Booths

Starting with an innovative 10x10 and growing by the year, CNSI has partnered with Hatch to ensure their exhibits are bigger and bolder each time they go to market.


Insurance Software

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Graphic Production & Print Service

  • Creative Services

  • Program Management

  • Online Inventory Management

The Challenge

CNSI wants a fresh take on their brand each time they went to market, to ensure they don’t fall into the trap of looking stale on the trade show floor.

The Solution

Hatch works with CNSI annually to review their Trade Show KPIs, and together work out a plan to make sure their exhibit enables outcomes: whether it’s spreading brand awareness, easier collection of client data, better storage for company swag, or creating a comfortable spot for representatives to get to know potential customers better.

The Work
The Results
  • Designs which reflect fresh ideas in a sector where uniformity is the norm

  • Increased booth attendance year over year

  • An energized sales force that recognizes that their exhibit space has been optimized with them in mind to help them do their best work

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