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Whether you’re looking for a completely new design or ways to update your existing space to better fit your needs, our design team can work with you to create an environment that is tailored to your message, audience and budget.

The process begins with collaboration either in-person or via web conference.  This initial brainstorming session is essential in allowing our design staff to hear your struggles, focus and vision for the project.  The design team can offer solutions and often sketch or "white model" the basic outline for the design during the meeting.  By working closely with your team, we are able to save valuable time and money by ensuring that we provide designs that meet your goals and fall within your budget requirements.

For rental exhibits, the design process is very similar. We understand our clients may have one unique show that could benefit from the addition of a few strategic rental components or perhaps your organization just isn’t ready for the full investment of owning a custom trade show exhibit. We have the inventory and creativity to design a custom rental exhibit to meet your evolving needs. 

In addition to 3-dimensional and graphic design, the Hatch Exhibits team can work closely with you to develop designs for implementation of multi-media and interactive displays.

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