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Graphic Production

Our full-service print department delivers quality solutions for fabrics, rigid, pop-up, backlit and SEG graphics. The team is available to review and edit artwork files as needed, and full graphic design is available upon request. Graphic layouts are included at no charge for each project: both electronic and hard copy proofs are available if requested.

Not only can we handle large printing jobs quickly and produce beautiful results, but our design and account team are on-site, making sure proofs and prints are right the first time.


Our machines print on fabric using a process called Super-Format Dye Sublimation, which bonds dye to the fabric at a molecular level. The result is the highest quality fabric printing & finishing. We print in large-scale and at “Super Resolution” – 1200 DPI – resulting in eye-popping image quality.


For surfaces other than fabric – substrates - our machines utilize UV Ink Printing, which provides unparalleled scratch and chemical resistance, as well as ability on our end to produce a wide range of prints. The addition of specialty inks allows us to print on wood, metal, colored and clear surfaces.

We offer a number of specialty print applications:

  • Backlit displays & signage

  • Signs & Posters

  • Interior Décor

  • Glass and Metal Decorative panels

  • Print on pre-cut & irregularly-shaped materials

  • Combined Matte & Gloss for texture & “pop”


Printing substrates include:


  • Acrylic

  • EPVC

  • Fabric

  • Floor vinyl

  • Foamcore

  • Laminate

  • Gatorboard

  • Glass

  • MDF

  • Metal

  • Paper

  • Vinyl

  • Wood

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