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Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed)
& Junior Achievement of
Greater Washington

PenFed worked with Hatch Exhibits to make sure that the excitement that comes with imagining a first car wouldn’t be lost among the message of planning and financial responsibility -- and vice versa.



  • Custom Fabrication

  • Graphic Production & Print Services

  • Creative Services

  • Program Management

The Challenge

PenFed is a partner of Junior Achievement of Greater Washington’s JA Finance Park – a “mall-like” experience where students can walk from “storefront” to “storefront” exploring real-life expenses – and budget line-items – they will likely confront when they are adults: Utilities, Childcare, Education costs and more.


For PenFed’s contribution - an exhibit about car financing - Hatch had to ensure fixtures and structures would both engage kids of many ages and hold up to thousands of interactions. The details of PenFed’s brand guidelines, specs and colors could not lost in the details of the build.


There was also the request that a vehicle be represented – which is when we got the idea to saw a car in half.

The Solution

Hatch got to work and located the perfect car for the build. From there it was completely stripped, cut in half, and repainted in PenFed blue. A desktop, “tire stools,” and a bit of custom detailing completed this unique exhibit piece.

Additional room details include printed wall vinyl featuring winding roads and helpful infographics, new flooring and cabinetry.

The Work
The Results
  • Creating an exhibit that grabs the attention of both kids and their guardians while reinforcing the PenFed brand

  • Providing an exciting space and Finance Park highlight for Junior Achievement

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