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Disposable Gown: Poly

Disposable Gown: Poly


Poly fabric with full stitch and integrated tie straps and thumb holes. Available in two sizes.


We are also working closely with several suppliers to source less expensive materials. As of March 24, 2020, we can produce approximately 500 gowns per day

  • Polymer Disposable Gown

    Plastic material made from a vinyl polymer, economical and waterproof.

    Arms and sides are fully stiched and tie straps are integrated into the gown itself to reduce aditional materials and labor processes.


    Due to the nature of use we can not accept returns, but if for any reason a head piece breaks we will send a replacement.


    For individual orders 1 gown will ship in a medium sized USPS priority flat rate box for $15.05 with 1-3 day delivery. 

    Up to 3 gowns will ship in a largeUSPS priority flat rate box for $21.10 with a 1-3 day delivery time.

    If large quantities and/or faster deliveries are needed we can ship via Fedex or UPS and quote cost seperate

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