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Standard Replacement Shield (3-Pack)

Standard Replacement Shield (3-Pack)

SKU: 364115376135191

Low-profile standard replacement shields for the halo headgear. Available in a standard 0.20 Polycarbonate, but also a thicker 0.060 option for added protection.

This size is not recommended to be used with Shield Pals Decals. Please purchase the Pal Profile if you intend to get decals.

The shields can be disinfected and sterilized with CDC approved cleaners or replaced with a fresh shield. You can use a cleaning spray, wipe, or bath.


    The shield is produced from PETG and polycarbonate material and is impact resistant.

    Shield thickness at this time is .02” to .04” while the supply chain lasts. Once exhausted we will need to switch to a .06” material and the  price will need to adjust accordingly.


    Due to the nature of use we can not accept returns, but if for any reason a head piece breaks we will send a replacement.

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