Temporary Countertop Divider


This light weight and easy to use temporary countertop is an ideal solution for our current necessary interations. It assebles in minutes and ships in a cost effective layflat packaging solution. The unit comes in 2 variations and assembles in about 5 minutes.


Variation 1 consists of an ePVC structute with mini work ledge and a rolled .010 ridged clear vinyl for the front screen. Clear .010 ridgid vinyl has a very slight distortion but is a great option for shipping and easy removal and sanitation if needed. This screen allows for 6"x32" transaction window


Variation 2 consists of the same frame structure but has a .060 polycabonate screen material with a 6" x 32" opening for transactions. This material is more ridgid than option 1 and is distortion free.


Shipping on this product is included in price.

Screen Material

2020 | Hatch Exhibits