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Under Armour
Gift Like A Pro

Thanks to Hatch, Chicago Brand House holiday shoppers were greeted by an elegant display which inspired high-end gift-giving while paying homage to the iconic skyline & sports traditions of their city.


Apparel & Accessories

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Graphic Production & Print Services

  • Creative Services

  • Program Management

The Challenge

"Wowing" in-store, high-end Holiday Shoppers is a unique challenge, which Under Armour wanted to accomplish with an elegant yet affordable display.


To achieve the desired effect, the display couldn’t be made of traditional store-display materials. The client wanted the display to be lit and colors between materials to remain consistent. Installation had to take place overnight to avoid disrupting store hours.

The Solution

Utilizing white Wilsonart solid surface (a popular kitchen countertop substrate) and strategically placed backlighting, Hatch custom fabricated a smooth, seamless and illuminated Chicago cityscape. Soccer balls, Footballs, and Basketballs were constructed in-house, and gold accents were expertly color-matched from material to material and applied throughout the display to give a polished, cohesive look. Co-branded signage helped to draw the campaign throughout the brand house.

Swift overnight installation ensured that Under Armour's holiday customers would be met with a thrilling display upon store opening, rather than navigating around an installation crew.

The Work
The Results
  • A Holiday Display that inspired pride in a city deeply married to sports, while subtly communicating a brand message of high-end athletic gear perfect for gift-giving.

  • A unique and well-crafted interactive environment to engage and delight Chicago-area shoppers and tourists throughout the holiday season.

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