Under Armour
HOVR Launch

Hatch Exhibits took the inspiration of Under Armour's HOVR Running Shoe and created an experience that left shoppers considering their relationship with the ground - and how it could be changed with a new pair of athletic shoes.


Apparel & Accessories

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Graphic Production & Print Services

  • Creative Services

  • Program Management

The Challenge

Under Armour asked for unique ADA-compliant “Gazebo” structure to be fabricated for the main entrance of their Chicago Brand House. It would feature a branded and illuminated infinity mirror on the floor and a striking ceiling installation above. Color matching between materials to remain within brand guidelines was a must. The structure had to be elegant as well as sturdy to endure repeated customer engagement.


In addition, multiple wall displays as well as a window exhibit featuring the HOVR brand and new product line were to be fabricated. Among one of these displays lay a unique opportunity: an orb which needed to recreate the feel of the materials that make these shoes different—without using the actual material.


A simultaneous overnight install of all elements was a non-negotiable requirement for this project.

The Solution

Hatch created a custom "chandelier" for the gazebo’s ceiling, fabricated with individually cut aluminum rods which were then coated in color-matched red latex paint. It hung over a HOVR-branded infinity mirror, which Hatch fabricated and wired so it could be lit from within.

A second window display featured neon lights, custom signage and shoes that appeared to be floating mid-air. To avoid complications with guests, Hatch executed a smooth overnight install of all elements, in addition to several vinyl printed walls with mounted merchandise.

The Work
The Results
  • A product launch display that lifted eyeballs along with brand awareness

  • Sturdy fabrication which held up to constant customer interaction in a high-traffic location

  • Smooth and seamless install and removal