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Top 5 Trade Show Display Accessories

Are you planning your display for an upcoming trade show? If you want to attract visitors to your booth you need an eye-catching display that stands out from the rest. But what features and trade show accessories are the most important to include for a professional-looking display? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 trade show display accessories you will need for success.

1. Signage/Graphics

How you display your logo and business name is one of the most important parts of your trade show display. You want your business to look professional, catch people’s attention, and also hint to the nature of your business. You’ll need indoor and outdoor signs, banners, table drapes, and backgrounds.

In addition to signs and large display features, you’ll need literature, brochures, business cards, swag bags, and other accessories with graphics. Having these all created by the same business will ensure uniformity of your logo, font, and colors.

2. Counters/Podiums/Tables

At the very least you’ll need tables with drapings that display your business name. But consider the professional look of a preconstructed counter to take your display to the next level. As patrons approach your booth they will be drawn to the sleek, official-looking counter to speak with you about your business. Complete the look with a matching podium for presentations and you’ll have a bold look that makes the right statement.

3. Interactive Kiosks

No one can resist a glowing screen that beckons you to try it out. Interactive kiosks allow patrons to learn about your business on their own through a touch-screen experience. Kiosks are an attractive option for our screen-obsessed culture. It is also less intimidating for those who feel uncomfortable approaching someone at a booth face to face. Patrons can even enter their contact information so that you can follow up with them later.

4. Lighting

One of the most eye-catching aspects of a trade show display booth is the lighting. Lights should illuminate signage and provide adequate visibility for patrons to read your provided literature. Convention centers can be dim or provide dingy fluorescent lighting at best. Designing a lighting scheme of your own is just one more way for your booth to stand out from the rest.

5. Novelty Items

Would your display benefit from life-size cutouts of people or larger than life promo checks? These are just some examples of novelty items that can be created to give your booth a unique look. Does your brand have a celebrity endorsement? Have a cardboard cutout made to stand beside your booth to draw people’s attention. Raising money for a charity? Display your donation goal on a large promotional check to be signed and delivered when your goal is reached.

Get Trade Show Booth Accessories & More from Hatch Exhibits

Do you want a professionally designed trade show display to help increase your success at your upcoming event? Hatch Exhibits creates amazing displays that help your business stand out from the competition. Make your display more than just a covered table with an old science fair-style board on top. If you want to draw in customers, future employees, benefactors, new students, or business connections, your exhibit must be extraordinary.

Tell Hatch Exhibits what type of trade show display you need and we will make it happen. Call (844) 22-HATCH/(844) 224-2824 to speak with a display expert about your exhibit needs or contact us today.

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