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10 Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas

Have a big trade show coming up? Trade shows are great opportunities to promote your business and any new products or services you provide. The key is to make an impression on potential customers or clients. You need a trade show booth design that will not only catch the eye of attendees, but also stick in their minds long after they’ve left. Here are 10 ideas for creative trade show displays that will help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Think big.

One of the easiest ways to catch the eye of as many attendees as possible is to make your display larger than life. Go big or go home without having made an impression. Incorporate large signage, logos, and displays. You may even consider renting a bigger space in the trade show venue so you’ll have plenty of room to set up. The key is to make the most of whatever space you have when it comes to trade show displays.

2. Invite guests to try out your products.

One of the best ways to show the benefits of your products is to allow people to try them. This is true of any item from furniture to technology and especially food. Trying things out is fun and allows patrons to see how your products work and what is unique about them.

3. Go natural.

All natural and earth-friendly products are extremely popular. Even if your products may not be natural, your trade show booth can incorporate nature in the form of plants, flowers, and organic features. This shows your potential customers and business partners that your business is earth-conscious.

4. Interactive technology.

Everyone loves an interactive experience. Include interactive kiosks and touch-screen technology that will entice trade show attendees to stop at your booth and stay a while. Technology should be fun and engaging so that patrons learn about your products and enjoy themselves at the same time. Check out this and other ideas for trade show accessories.

5. Demonstration.

Does your product beg to be demonstrated? If so, design your booth with this in mind. Include a stage for presentations or a mockup of the type of environment your product would be used in, such as a display home or kitchen. Showing attendees what your products can do is a great way to draw attention while exhibiting the benefits.

6. Unique swag.

Hats and pens are great, but those items are a dime a dozen at large trade shows. Consider handing out some different products that are useful and related to the function of your business. Attendees love swag because it’s free and fun, but they’ll remember your business and your products by their favorite takeaways.

7. Form a trade show motto.

Your business may already have a motto or a catch phrase that is used in your advertising, but consider coming up with something new just for this trade show. A fresh new motto can catch the attention of patrons who may or may not already be familiar with your products. Your business will constantly grow and evolve; your motto should too.

8. Pitch a tent.

One easy, inexpensive, and convenient trade show booth design is a tent. This is especially true if your event will be outside. Tents can be made in any color and a variety of shapes with logos printed right on them for ease. A tent is a new twist on and old concept that can be used inside or outside.

9. Make it fun.

Whatever you can do to make your booth fun will draw people in and make it memorable. Make your booth interactive, bring in a DJ, have an emcee, whatever it takes to show patrons a good time. If they have fun and enjoy their experience at your booth, they are sure to remember your business.

10. Provide a spot to relax.

While a bold, exciting exhibit is memorable, a calm, quiet place to relax is a welcome respite from the crowds and noise. Include a resting zone with comfortable chairs, soft lighting, and a noise buffer. Trade show attendees will appreciate the break and will likely take more time to experience and learn about your products. They’ll also remember the good vibes your booth gave them.

Creative Trade Show Displays by Hatch Exhibits

If you’re interested in any of these ideas but you’re not sure how to create them, Hatch Exhibits can help. For your business to make an impression on potential customers and business partners, you need a professionally designed exhibit that looks sophisticated and polished. Contact Hatch Exhibits in plenty of time before your trade show to ensure that your ideas can be brought to life. This trade show checklist can help you plan in the months leading up to your event.

Call (844) 224-2824 today or contact us to discuss how your vision and our capabilities can create a trade show display that is bound to impress.

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